Executive Summary

The Organization

Business Description

HOUSE OF SAFORI is set up as a one-stop-shop for creative arts where we have effectively linked  the value chain of industry, including painting, sculptures, photography, design studios and gallery and an education centre to provide facilities that will inspire and support  children, amateurs and professionals artists  here in Ghana.  HOUSE OF SAFORI is also set up to consolidate the growing art market in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa and the world as a whole.

HOUSE OF SAFORI intends to facilitate the emergence of the visual art industry by organizing art and craft shows and competitions, offer creative workshops and classes in a variety of techniques for children from the age of five in various schools.


In a program tagged the “Art-in-You”, HOUSE OF SAFORI hopes to rekindle an art tradition in Ghana and in Africa through education. The Art-in-You program would mostly focus on grooming young people who want to choose the path of creativity.

HOUSE OF SAFORI is definitely positioned at the forefront of an exciting and growing market. Ghana has no such exclusive arts and crafts centre that doubles as one-stop-shops. House of Safori art  centre   offers education and hands-on opportunities to people interested in making significant impact in the art industry.


HOUSE OF SAFORI is the only art centre that is exclusively managed by experienced and well exposed artists. HOUSE OF SAFORI aims at tapping into the expertise of people in the creative industry to offer Ghana and Africa the requisite supply of high quality products, services and education.

HOUSE OF SAFORI was founded in 1997 in the United States of America and was  relocated to Ghana in 2011. Safori, a self-taught contemporary artist par excellence, founded the business on the ideal of uncompromising quality product and service delivery.


At House of Safori, we believe that maintaining satisfied clients is an essential ingredient to sustaining our bottom line of building a solid reputation.

HOUSE OF SAFORI is primarily an art studio and a fine art gallery for both art exhibition, sales and training. However, the company is actively involved in the organization of promotional art events like trade shows, education and entertainment.

We offer a large variety of art and craft supplies, focusing on those items that are currently unavailable in Ghana.

HOUSE OF SAFORI offers classes in the use of new materials and techniques. It offers original art, limited edition giclee' serigraph and etchings, sculptures, classrooms for art lessons, art books, specialty T-Shirts, signs, cards, pottery, printing, photography, framing, trade etc.

Statements & Goals


House of Safori aims to be the foremost  creative centre in Africa by systematically building high quality art and human resource in the art industry.


To maintain the highest reputation for quality service delivery within the global art and craft community and by nurturing and sustaining customer satisfaction by providing highest quality products and services.


Creating high quality work that would  be the centrepieces of exhibitions in  renowned private and public galleries around the world.

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